What To Bring To Pensacola, Florida’s Beaches

Pensacola, Florida is well known for its beautiful beaches. Here are some tips on what to bring along with you if you are planning on spending a day at the beach:

* A bathing suit. Whether you are planning on sunning yourself on the beach or taking a dip in the water, a bathing suit is a must when you are headed to the beach. Choose a suit that is comfortable and that doesn’t ride up. Otherwise, you will spend the entire day tugging at it, trying to get it to move back into place.

* A cover-up. The Florida sun can be quite intense. Chances are, you will want to cover up for at least part of the day. Bring along a shirt or cover-up that you can use to shield your skin from the sun.

* Sunscreen. Speaking of the sun, it is important to bring along a waterproof sunscreen that has a high SPF value. Reapply it frequently throughout the day to keep your skin from burning.

* A hat. Wearing a hat is a great way to protect your face from the sun and to keep the top of your head from burning.

* Sunglasses. Much like your skin, your eyes need to be protected from the sun. Bring along a pair of sunglasses with built-in UV protection to make sure that you don’t damage your eyes at the beach.

* Flip-flops or sandals. If you have ever tried wearing closed-toed shoes on the beach, you probably quickly learned just what a mistake that is. The sand can get inside your shoes, making them a nightmare to walk in. A much better option is to wear sandals or flip-flops. That way, your feet are protected from the hot sand but you don’t have to worry about getting sand inside your shoes.

* A cooler full of food and beverages. Spending time at the beach can leave you feeling thirsty and hungry. Have a cooler packed with snacks and drinks so that you can stay full and satisfied all day long.

* A towel, blanket, or chairs. Bring along something that you can sit on. Whether you opt for something simple like a towel or blanket or you bring elaborate beach chairs, it is nice to be able to get up off of the sand.

Any time you visit Pensacola, Florida’s beaches, consider bringing all of these items along with you. By doing so, you can improve your chances of having a great time at the beach.

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